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It s very good apps

Love it!!!

The little missions and battles are nice!


Im the god


How about optimizing for i phone 5 ?? its bin a while!!


Terrible not fun cheesy and just terrible. Money wasted.


Gets really old, really fast

After reading some if the reviews on this game, I had hight hopes for this game. But once you spend about 20-30 minutes playing it, it looses a lot of its charm.


Id give this game 5 stars anyway but I think its been a year since its been updated come on guys Im waiting!

Awesome game but needs work

It is an awesome game but the update for episode 48 has not came out yet. I have been waiting 4 a long time for it. Plus I only have 5 episodes left to do so please add the new update soon!

I love the game, but want there to be female pygmys too!

Great game, but it would be cool if could add female Pygmys as well. And maybe a new map with huts? Thanks :)

Great but...

99% the greatest game... Too bad it isnt optimized for iPhone 5

iOS 7

Great game cant change challenge on iOS 7

Wath ?

Sorry but just no .

No Updates

There have been no updates lately and Inhave been waiting for them for along time. I love this game but im gonna have to give it 2 stars for no more updates because im bored of it now. :(

Worth buying!

Is there anything you cant do in pocket god? BTW,if you bought it,do ooga jump and then try to press menu and add in a thunder storm while still in ooga jump,a crazy glitch happens!!!


SO MUCH FRUCKIN FUN OMG. ITS HILARIOUS AND SO MUCH FUN! some volume glitches but its just amazing!!


ITS AWESOME i hope the release girls


Thank you for the awesome and the new update!!! ep. 48 :)

Fun game takes too long to update

The gameplay of the game is fun but it has taken one and half years for a single update so if the updates dont start picking up i dont think that the game will be enjoyable... But there is a really. Fun version of it on Facebook so its not that its bad it just takes a long time to update like annoyingly long time

The idols are screwed.

Imagine my surprise to see a new update, and being excited, then seeing that all of my idols have been locked and reset to level 1. Im very annoyed about this.

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